About Jan Terkelsen

I work with individuals and teams who are interested in developing their communication skills and levels of effectiveness.

Clients report they are more focused, clear and ready to take action after a session with me. Teams report they have a higher level of self understanding and team awareness. Using the MBTI as an integral tool in this process supports people in accepting where they get their energy from, why they make decisions, what information they know and trust and how they organise their work and life in general.



When you have a higher degree of awareness regarding yourself and others, it is easier to communicate what you want and move forward. After a session with me you will be clearer about where you need to focus your attention and how to leverage your strengths.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with business executives and teams and see time and time again people not able to fully connect to their inner knowing, only because they are not practiced at it. I give people opportunities and practical strategies to access their gifts and talents. I also use a range of tools and approaches that produce sound personal and business outcomes. These are not mutually exclusive – every strategy and technique informs and builds on the other, when you take an expanded perspective.

I can help identify weaknesses and acknowledge strengths in a persons’ thought processes, business or team structure and set up processes to support change.

My accreditations and certifications include:

• Myers Briggs Type Indicator – MBTITM
• Life Styles Inventory – LSITM
• Group Style Inventory – GSITM
• Organisational Cultural Inventory – OCITM
• Enneagram
• International Coach U University – Certified Coach

Clients include Westpac, MLC, National Australia Bank, Origin Energy, Macquarie Bank, IPAC, Challenger, Insuranceline, First National Real Estate, The Trust Company, Human Priority, Acrewood Childcare Centres as well as individual coaching clients.

I have also served in the NSW Police Service for over ten years working across several fields including Organisational Analysis and Physical evidence sections. I have an extensive background in health, fitness and stress release techniques, including several years as a qualified personal trainer. I have endeavoured to understand the connection of the mind, body and source.

Follow this link for some client feedback.

I am also a partner in Developing Managers, a project providing online people management training for corporate managers.

Contact me here jan@janterkelsen.com