Top 7 reasons for job dissatisfaction and how you can prevent them in your team an executive coach I am in the fortunate position of knowing what most people find challenging in their role and the people they manage. I have put together a list of reasons that most people become dissatisfied with their jobs. 

It is estimated that 60% of all management problems are the result of faulty communication. How well do you communicate with your people? How will they know what you want them to do unless you communicate it clearly and constructively?

Top 7 reasons for job dissatisfaction.

1. Failure to give credit for suggestions
2. Failure to correct grievances
3. Failure to encourage
4. Criticising employees in front of other people
5. Failure to ask employees their opinions
6. Failure to inform employees of their progress
7. Favouritism

Here are 3 steps you can put into action to prevent job dissatisfaction in your team.

Step 1. I invite you to look over the list above and pick 1 that you know you could focus more energy and attention on.
Step 2. Reflect on all the people you manage directly and see what it is you think they need more of.
Step 3. Do it.


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  1. Good point Sanjay,
    The more an organisation or manager can orchestrate opportunities for varying interactions the more people can expand their repertoire of communication. Indoor and outdoor activities and team building exercises support this. I have also found the more a team can work together on a worthwhile project the better they get at communicating with each other.

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