Take a quick business culture quiz?

Constructive, Defensive or Aggressive Culture?

Can you describe your business and its workers in the following terms?

  • You and your team set challenging goals
  • Continuous improvement is front of mind, along with a preoccupation with standards of excellence
  • You and your team believe in cause and effect, there is always something you can do to fix it
  • Your team seek out and desire feedback
  • Members in your organisation are expected to enjoy their work to be supportive and develop themselves
  • Take moderate risks
  • You and your team openly show enthusiasm
  • Communicate ideas on a regular basis
  • You and your team encourage others
  • Believe there is a win/win situation
  • Quality is valued over quantity

If you answered yes to most of these descriptions you most likely have a constructive culture.

Members are expected to do whatever it takes to please others (particularly superiors)
Team members are usually paid more than what they are worth
People in your organisation/business are more interested in looking good than doing a good job
Most team members stay on people’s good side
Making a “good impression” is important
You and your team members treat rules as more important than ideas
People in your business believe their effort doesn’t make a difference
Team members shift responsibilities to others
People in your organisation shy away from getting involved
If you answered yes to most of these statements you may have a predominantly defensive culture.

Very “fast-paced” environment – things need to be done now!!
People point out flaws
Team members refuse to accept criticism
There are people in the organisation who never relinquish control
Team members could be described as hard, tough
Win against others
Compete rather than cooperate
Personally take care of every detail
Can get wrapped up in details that are not important to the customer
Members feel stressed and overwhelmed
Sometimes miss the big picture and get caught up in the detail
Stay detached and objective
If you answered yes to most of these descriptors you have just described an aggressive culture.

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