Team Building, Team Development and Team Effectiveness Using the MBTI

Team building and development gives managers an edge in business through higher productivity and improved staff performance. MBTI is the ‘secret sauce’ of a high performing team. My half and full-day MBTI workshops are guaranteed to give you the team building outcomes you are looking for.

Half-day MBTI Team Building, Development and Effectiveness Workshop

This fun, highly participative facilitated workshop will provide you and your team with an effective framework designed to help your team function more productively.

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a useful tool for team building and development because it is based on the premise that teams are made up of individuals who have unique gifts and talents as well as challenges to overcome. After this half-day workshop your team can start to apply the knowledge and skills to leverage strengths and minimise gaps.

At the completion of this program participants will understand:

  • How their own personality impacts work style, relationship management and dealing with conflict
  • How their intractable traits can influence the quality, delivery and impact of their communication
  • How people take in information and make decisions based on their individual mental syntax (perceiving and judging functions)
  • Strategies for identifying and communicating with different types. (Behaviour cues)
  • How their team can leverage from each other and mitigate potential blind spots
  • How to use a personality centric problem solving  and feedback model to encompass all types
  • How to explore strategies for incorporating all preferences into their communication exchanges presentations, work processes and team meetings

The MBTI benefits team through:

  • Encouraging openness and trust
  • Providing a neutral and affirming language in order to discuss differences and inconsistencies
  • Understanding and embracing diversity
  • Teaching team members how to leverage each others strengths and mitigate weaknesses
  • Identifying team blind spots and develop  strategies to support these
  • Team building and development through a deeper understanding of the self and each other

Each team member is provided with and will have an opportunity read their individual MBTI profile reports and share insights and strengths that have been verified and share how they use this characteristic /preference in the team and at work.


Full-day MBTI Team Building, Development and Effectiveness Workshop

This workshop commences with the same content as the half-day team building workshop above.

The second part of the MBTI program is customised depending on what the team needs and the key issues they are currently facing. It is also an opportunity for team members to share insights and personal strategies that they are already working on and are committed to implementing.

Based on input from the manager and all team members prior to the workshop, we explore two core issues relevant to the team and that, by consensus, have agreed to work on.

The 7 core issues that impact team building and development are:

  1. Communication  – Stakeholder engagement
  2. Team culture
  3. Leadership
  4. Change
  5. Problem solving
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Stress

Core Issues

Stakeholder engagement – The team agrees on a key stakeholder they would like to “Type” and we discuss strategies and styles for communicating and engaging more effectively.

Team culture – We look at the team’s type (based on the group type preference) and explore the implications on the type of information that the team focuses on, the type of information the team trusts and how the team in general makes decisions. We also examine the behavioural patterns that members believe are required to meet expectations and if this is healthy and constructive or in need of a shift.

Leadership – Effective communication is a critical component in a leadership role. As a leader it is your responsibility to ensure communication lines remain clear, especially concerning roles and responsibilities. Many performance issues result from a disconnect with what the employee sees as important to focus on and what their people leader sees as important.

As roles and responsibilities are defined and reviewed it is important to remember that some personality types prefer more clarity than others and more encouragement than other types. Understanding MBTI types helps mitigates some of these issues. During the workshop, the team has an opportunity to share current issues and through MBTI type, explore strategies and, potential pitfalls and suggestions for development.

Change – We explore the impact of change on each personality type and teach strategies for dealing with change and ambiguity.

Problem solving – Having a deeper understanding of the team’s MBTI preferences can be useful when attempting to enhance problem solving ability. Most people have a tendency to skip over the parts of the process that require them to use their less preferred functions. By paying attention to all four functions a better solution results.

Conflict resolution – Conflict is usually the result of people’s inability to understand and accept each other’s values and choices. The MBTI uses affirming language and non judgmental terminology to promote healthy discussion and exploration of values, principles and choices based on preference. The MBTI teaches people that some of the choices we make are habitual and based on our personality preference. This session also highlights that type is not an excuse and that we all have the capacity for change and the opportunity to broaden our behavioural repertoire

Stress – Looking at stress through the MBTI type lens is a fascinating opportunity to understand the conditions that exacerbate and minimize stress in each type. We then explore strategies and set up personal actions plans for dealing with stress and minimizing the impact on our bodies, mind and relationships.


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 Here’s some client feedback from previous MBTI team building workshops.

“Through Jan’s knowledge and experience of MBTI she provides thoughtful insight and a common language for individual and team dynamics in an entertaining and pragmatic way. Our team was able to communicate more directly and constructively as a result of the training.”
Peter Sidiropoulos – Program Director | Information Technology. Transfield Services

“Every session has been engaging, participative and information rich. The session objectives have been comprehensively achieved with a significant positive impact on the team dynamic. Jan is a highly intuitive and effective team facilitator whom I highly recommend.”
 Kate Higgs – Former Change Manager- Westpac

“The response was amazing. Everyone commented on how quickly they felt engaged in the process.”
Gemma Lavelle – Operations Manager. Acrewoods Childcare

“It was one of the best team days I have ever attended in my career of nearly 25 years working in projects.”
J McNamara – Independent Consultant