Team coaching could be the difference you are looking for

It’s been proven time and time again in sports – a great coach can make the difference in team performance. So why should business be any different?

Now your business team can enjoy the benefits of executive coaching right where the action is through facilitation.

  • Increase team productivity and effectiveness
  • Improve staff morale
  • Increase staff retention rates
  • Improve communication
  • Get team members playing to the same ‘game plan’
  • Identify and addresses problems before they arise
  • Reduce workplace conflict and grievances
  • Reduce stress on management staff

Working with teams is a great opportunity to see personal responsibility and freedom in action. A leader has a great responsibility to communicate expectations and vision. Team members have a responsibility to carry out and personally connect with the vision.

The clearer and more consistent the message, the better the outcome in most cases. There are however certain key characteristics of a high performing team and I facilitate team sessions that highlight strengths, pinpoint blind spots and, with the whole team, develop practical sustainable strategies that move the team in the direction they want to go.

In my experience as a team coach, teams need different tools and opportunities for development depending on the project, time frame, how long the team has been together, the leadership style, the resources available, etc – there are multiple and exhaustive scenarios. I have found that the best teams are the ones who have the conscious conversations, who are open and transparent with what is working, what is not working, what they need and how they share information. Developing and maintaining these conversations is what makes the difference and I assist the team in setting the structures on place for these to happen.

I work with teams in an number of ways, I facilitate self awareness and emotional intelligence learning’s through the use of MBTI, the Enneagram and LSI. We identify key areas of concern and abilities and then work through the issues together.

Team Coaching is another effective way to facilitate learning and growth and set specific objectives that have time frames and commitments. In team coaching sessions I can ask the questions from an external perspective with out any hidden agenda issues.

Getting the team together on a regular basis and working through real issues is the best and most effective way to team build. Getting them together in any capacity with a set objective is also worthwhile and the clearer the leader is about outcomes, the better the team can match the expectation. I assist leaders to develop and send clear communications and managing team strengths in a way that gets the job done right.