I forget, oh yes I remember, I forget.

That is a typical emotional cycle for many of us,Remembering, connecting, mental awareness, personal habits

especially when we are working on several projects with different priorities and people.

We forget to stay present and not worry about the future. We forget to give ourselves time to just reflect. We forget to tell our children the qualities in them we admire. We forget how awesome feeling fit, strong and healthy is.

Human beings have a default pattern of forgetfulness. That is why remembering is so enticing to us. We forget that we are creators of our own reality.

If we can stay present, be conscious of our ability to foster a state of being that is joyful, creative and expansive (what ever you choose ) then we will automatically re-member, join up, connect, pull together, what we truly need.

The challenge for us is that we look around at our current circumstances and make judgments about it and, from that space, fall into a state of being that doesn’t feel good, feels scary, anxious, overwhelming. The reason it feels so crappy is because it is not our natural state. Re-member-ing is connecting all the dots, aligning our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves in what ever way we individually choose, the way that feels right and is exciting for us.

How do you remember the things that are important to you?


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