10 Wellbeing Agreements

10 wellbeing1. Drink more water.

2. Stop judging yourself, treat yourself with kindness and compassion, watch your self-talk

3. Make physical activity a priority in your life. Move your body, it was meant to carry you around with ease and efficiency.

4. Allow time to stop, relax and feel a sense of gratitude everyday.

( 5 minutes every day practice a relaxed state of awareness).

5. Control your portion size. Never eat more in one sitting than you can fit in two hands cupped together

6. Do something in every 24 hour period that lights you up. If you don’t know what that is, start looking.

7. Listen to your body – it doesn’t lie, If something doesn’t feel right, change the way you are taking care of yourself.

8. Control your alcohol intake – remember the best beer/wine for your body, is the first one.

9. Breathe, deep full belly breaths.

10. Ask yourself everyday, “What have I done to bring me closer to what I want?”

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