Are You Using Your Introvert’s Edge?

Super introvertsWe hit the publish button last week on my new online course – “The Introvert’s Edge – how to use introversion as a strength in the corporate workplace.”

I developed it with my husband (an introvert) because too often I see the strengths of introversion downplayed in the corporate work environment.

We’ve put a video together that explains what the course is about and are offering a huge 50% discount on the course price until March 8th. Take a look at the video and get a code to claim the discount on the Introvert’s Edge course intro page.

Of course, if you know of any introverts that are working in corporate workplaces, please share it with them.

How do I get my team to be better problem solvers?

  • Stop solving your team’s problems.
  • Ask them questions.
  • Encourage your team to take ownership.
  • Communicate that you have confidence in your team and want them to step up.
  • Ask your team to give you updates about how they are solving key issues.

How do I manage different personalities in my team?

  • Observe the different ways people prefer to communicate.
  • Know who the introverts and extraverts are.
  • Give introverts time to answer questions and have information written down, also give them time to respond to questions.
  • Give extraverts an opportunity to share and communicate their thoughts, they like to talk then think then talk.

What is the best way to manage stress?

5 Key Tips to Managing Stress

1. Physical activity
2. Smile – changes the physiology in the body and of people who see you smile
3. Re frame events – turn problems into opportunities for growth
4. Breathe – connect with your breath the quickest way to get grounded and become present in the moment
5. Write down what you are grateful for

3 Biggest mistakes people make when setting goals

1. Not being clear about what you are creating, most people know what they don’t want, yet aren’t as clear about what they do want. State a clear intention.

2. Not aligning goals to highest values. Values describe what is important to you in particular areas of your life , you know your highest values because these are the areas that you don’t skrimp on they are that important to you you focus your enery and attention on them. When you don’t do this you become misaligned, stressed and unable to express wellbeing.

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