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Daily PracticeHave you got a daily practice that continues to build a firm foundation for yourself, your career or your team?

A daily practice is like having your own mentor and coach, that keeps you on track and supports you moving forward in the general direction of your life.

Let’s be realistic, there is not that much in the outside world that we can control, bus timetables, the mood of our manager, the organisation’s new change initiative, our children’s interests, our cravings at 3pm.

What we can do is put in place a daily practice that supports us, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and, in our work life.I have found from experience that the most happy and purposeful clients I have coached have a regular daily practice, here are some examples

Examples of a daily practice:

Spiritual daily practice: meditate, yes, just sit and be still for 5 minutes everyday, and breath, in through the nose and out through the nose. A relaxed state of awareness.

Before you get up in the morning, stay in bed for 3 minutes and remind yourself what you are truly grateful for. Breath in that feeling so your body understands what you are doing. There is a chemical reaction that is happening. NO drugs needed.

Physical Daily practice – move your body every day, no matter what. Walk, run, take the stairs, do 10 sun salutations, or 20 push ups, 20 squats, 20 knee throughs and dips. Every morning.

Emotional Practice – Practice just feeling good, for no other reason than it feels good. This is one of the most powerful practices that you can develop.

Mental Practice – think of 5 new ideas every day and write them down. Your mind like a muscle, what you focus on expands. Do this regularly and you will start to be unconventional and innovative.

Work Practice– I have a daily share, I share some type of useful, relevant information with someone I know, a current or past client, LinkedIn, friends. That way I am always on the look out for useful information and I always have it land in my lap, because I have set up a practice to be on the look out for it. Your daily practice could be to acknowledge someone’s work in an authentic way, every day, be on the look out.

What daily practice do you have that supports you?

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