Where do you do your happy dance?

People dancing in business suitIn the world of typology there is a distinction between someone who has a preference for extraversion and someone who’s preference is for introversion, it is a little different from the everyday understanding. This particular preference points to where people prefer to focus their energy and attention. How they gain their energy and where they do most of their processing of information in order to make decisions.

The extravert’s energy is directed to the outside world of people, things and events. They tend to love variety. They like discussing issues with other people in order to get clarity. They talk, then think, then talk.

Yes, these are the people at meetings that love hearing their own voice. There is an important and functional purpose for this need to talk, they are clarifying their thoughts, refining their ideas. These are the people who will tell you what they are doing, when they are doing it and when they have done it. Notice there is constant feedback from these types. You don’t have to fill in the gaps. There is no second guessing.

A fully functioning, fully integrated extravert will understand when it is appropriate to extravert, and when it is appropriate to be silent. Their habitual way of operating will be to present and share their ideas and thoughts to the outside world regularly. I think extraverts have learnt that putting your foot in it doesn’t cause the world to open up and suck them under. They have learnt to be comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. This is where they do their happy dance.

Now the world of the introvert is one where concepts, ideas and thoughts about people are nurtured and played with, on the inside. They are doing their happy dance in their head. Unfortunately we don’t always get to see and share in this. The preference for introverts is to think, consider, reference the past and future from an internal framework, and sometimes, that is where it will stay.

Have you ever left a meeting or a conversation and thought to yourself, “Oh, I could have said this or given the opportunity I wanted to discuss that.” One of the tips I give people whose preference is for introversion is to think of three questions that are going to be raised in the meeting and consider their response before they go in. Read as much material as you can beforehand and prempt. So, when a question is asked, they would have already gone through the internal process in their mind and be ready to extravert it knowing it is a fully formed and complete answer.

The hesitancy of people with introversion is that they actually do want to share what they know, they just want it to be 100% clear and worked out before they place it into the world.

Give it a shot, share it, even if the thought or answer is only 60% formed. The tip for the extravert, is, if you think that you are talking too much, you probably are. Stop, listen and, if you do have to talk, get into the habit of asking kick ass questions.

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