What is your creative blueprint?

How would you describe yourself? If you had to truly articulate how you see yourself,how you feel about yourself and how you identify yourself, what would be some of the words and descriptions you would use?

If you actually took the time to write down how you see yourself, you would be describing your creative blueprint.

Your creative blueprint is the foundation upon which you build your life, how you manage your career, how you manage your team, your relationships and every other undertaking in your life.

See, you become what you identify with – how you identify yourself, how you see yourself becomes the blueprint you use to consciously or unconsciously create your environment. That is why self awareness and self understanding are pivotal in creating the work life and career you want.

So instead of habitually going through the motions at work, having the same conversations, coming up against the same obstacles and challenges, start to consciously observe yourself. Notice how you are talking to yourself. Are you judging yourself and others? Are you making assumptions, are you going into conversations and meetings with preconceived ideas and expectations?

If you want things to change, change your blueprint. That is where the creative process beings, from your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

By becoming clearer about what makes up your creative blueprint, you can make conscious choices that serve you and your career rather than making habitual choices that may not be serving you so well.

What are some of the strategies you use to remain conscious and aware at work?

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