What I have learnt about having a shitty day.

We all have them. (Not sure if the Dalai Lama does?)Having a shitty day, stressed out, stress management techniques,

Sometimes we just wake up and feel that way, or sometimes it may start out alright and then go downhill, and, on those days, we can be particularly good at finding things that back up our reason for shittiness. Like the dog rolls in crap, the kids don’t clean up their mess, a client cancels, we get a tax bill, we get booked in for an unscheduled meeting.

So, what I have learnt is:

• Having a shitty day is normal, it is to be expected and it doesn’t last.

• We can use it for a good purpose. An opportunity to look at our beliefs about certain things in our lives and what we make events and situations mean.

• Having a daily spiritual practice really helps in soothing agitation and transforming it. My daily practice is meditation, but yours could be, A morning walk in silence, a period of reflection every day.

• Having a physical practice also smooth’s the bumps. It creates a state in the body that changes the chemical balance in the brain and the body. Exercise decreases the stress hormones such as cortisol and increases endorphins. It is magic.

• Yoga is a great example of a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical practice. It engages the body, mind and soul and after a period of twisting, breathing, stretching and balancing, you get to lie really still and rest the body and mind…ahhh peace. I have never in 20 years of practicing yoga remained in a shitty state after a yoga practice, ever.

• The more we really allow the feelings of shittiness to move through us and not resist it, be curious about it, the easier it is to handle.

Have you got a daily practice that supports you?  Please share.

If not, start, even if it is 5 minutes of deep breathing, every day. I promise, you will feel the benefits.

AND being shitty is OK.


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