What are you trying to control?

_tug_of_warWhat ever it is, it is a sign post for you. It is telling you something. It is reminding you that you are still holding some fear around it. Makes sense? Otherwise, why would you need to control it? You would just allow it to unfold,. There would be ease about it.

When we are resistant to what our reality is showing us we are resisting the message it has for us. The need to control and manipulate something is sure tell sign that it wants our attention.

We have heard that we create our reality and that life is a reflection of what we are feeling and emoting inside of us. What this means is that we create how we respond to the world. We may not be able to control the weather, how people act, how our colleagues behave or how the stock market is going, but we can choose how we are going to respond to it. No matter what it is.

When we experience life as challenging, hard, difficult, messy, chaotic, we sometimes automatically think there is something wrong and that something needs changing. I’m not saying we have to stay in that state, but we can allow that experience to really inform us. We can take a good look at it and see what the circumstance and feeling is trying to show us about our beliefs, our definitions, where we are stuck, or where we are limiting ourselves.

Look at a present situation in your life that is challenging and feel into it. What is it bringing up for you?, What is it guiding, pushing, cajoling you to do and be? This is the start of the change process. Awareness of it. Acceptance of it. Allowing it to form and pass through you and then, actioning any guidance you receive without any expectation as to how it should look.

This can be challenging, but it is the quickest way to transform something in your life.



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