The best system is…

People management system

People management system

“The best system is the one that you use.” – Matthew Kimberley

Most of us who are fairly accomplished have a number of systems that support our personal and professional development.

We have set up systems that support us being productive, on time, healthy, useful, whatever our criteria of success is.

If you are fit and healthy you certainly have systems that set you up to succeed. You may have a personal trainer, go to the gym, walk the stairs everyday, eat a 300 calorie healthy lunch everyday, meditate, perhaps you are involved in a team sport.

As a manager you have systems that support you to get work done, network, share knowledge, keep abreast of new information, check in with your people, right?

The biggest mistake that I see people managers make in regard to their people management system is, they underestimate the small things they miss.

Every time we reschedule a one on one and don’t follow up, or we cancel a coffee conversation, miss acknowledging an important milestone, or don’t really listen when talking to one of our team members, we are not using the system.

It seems so cut and dried when you talk about managing people with a system, but I know how busy people managers get.

They need to be able to track the important events. I know managers who have online files for each of their team members, and any correspondence, feedback, news that is relevant to them, goes in the file and shared when appropriate.

They are meticulous about keeping engagements, and if they miss them, they make them up. If you keep a diary or folder, do you track the people aspect?

What people management system do you use? Comments are welcome below.

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