The answer is in the question

Here are some tools that I find really helpful when feeling stuck or when I find myself procrastinating on something. Start by asking yourself questions and stay open to receiving what you need in that situation. Some of the most powerful questions you can start using today are:

What is the gift in this situation that I am not seeing yet?
What would it take to change this situation around for the better for all concerned?
What else is possible?

And for those who have issues around overeating, you can start to stay conscious by asking yourself, when you get hungry or when you want to eat:

Is this my hunger?
Where does this come from?
What is the best thing for my body right now?

When we can stay conscious and ask ourselves questions, we create a state of receptivity where we are open to different possibilities or outcomes. Getting into the habit of asking quality questions will change the way you manage people, the way you manage your thoughts, and the way you manage your life.

For the next 3 days, be open to asking questions before you make up your answer or make a statement.

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