The absolute law

Last week I went and saw the movie “Twilight” with my teenage children. There was one scene near the end of the movie that stuck with me. It was the scene where Jacob ( who can transform into a werewolf) intends to kill the “female demon baby”, the off spring of the woman he loves, who, in his mind, has died while giving birth. Yes, it is a melodrama.

What happens when Jacob sees this baby, is what I found very interesting. He immeditaly sees in his minds eye, beyond the present circumstance and inwardly declares that he will protect and unconditionally care for this child. This is what his tribe calls imprinting.

The process this takes is visioning the future role he will will undertake to carry this decsion out. When the other members of his tribe come to kill this “demon baby” they discover that one of their members ( Jacob) has imprinted on this chikd. The one absolute law of this tribe, is that once a member of the tribe has imprinted on another, the rest of the tribe must respect and support this union.

I really like this notion of seeing someone beyond their current circumstances and seeing them as a whole union, where we can demonstrate our humanity. This starts with an internal decision using your inner conviction is the guide.

Where have you imprinted on others? Not just family and friends but in your life. Are you commmittted to something that big and generous, seeing people beyond their current role and circumstances and supporting them as best you can.

When we come across people in our lives that challenge, frustrate us and drive us crazy, these are going to be our biggest teachers. They give us the opportunity to see beyond the surface and look inside ourelves to where we can support, guide, forgive, collaborate and love unconditionally. Imagine if we upheld that as absolute law.

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