Top 7 reasons for job dissatisfaction and how you can prevent them in your team an executive coach I am in the fortunate position of knowing what most people find challenging in their role and the people they manage. I have put together a list of reasons that most people become dissatisfied with their jobs. 

It is estimated that 60% of all management problems are the result of faulty communication. How well do you communicate with your people? How will they know what you want them to do unless you communicate it clearly and constructively?

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10 Wellbeing Agreements

10 wellbeing1. Drink more water.

2. Stop judging yourself, treat yourself with kindness and compassion, watch your self-talk

3. Make physical activity a priority in your life. Move your body, it was meant to carry you around with ease and efficiency.

4. Allow time to stop, relax and feel a sense of gratitude everyday.

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I forget, oh yes I remember, I forget.

That is a typical emotional cycle for many of us,Remembering, connecting, mental awareness, personal habits

especially when we are working on several projects with different priorities and people.

We forget to stay present and not worry about the future. We forget to give ourselves time to just reflect. We forget to tell our children the qualities in them we admire. We forget how awesome feeling fit, strong and healthy is.

Human beings have a default pattern of forgetfulness. That is why remembering is so enticing to us. We forget that we are creators of our own reality.

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Your daily practice

Daily PracticeHave you got a daily practice that continues to build a firm foundation for yourself, your career or your team?

A daily practice is like having your own mentor and coach, that keeps you on track and supports you moving forward in the general direction of your life.

Let’s be realistic, there is not that much in the outside world that we can control, bus timetables, the mood of our manager, the organisation’s new change initiative, our children’s interests, our cravings at 3pm.

What we can do is put in place a daily practice that supports us, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and, in our work life.I have found from experience that the most happy and purposeful clients I have coached have a regular daily practice, here are some examples

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