How Do You Wrap Up a Performance Conversation?

In this video I share a quick tip on how to wrap up a performance conversation with a member of your team. Essentially it’s a matter of having your team member summarise the outcome and next actions of the meeting in writing and then sharing that with you. Watch the video for more details.

If You Don’t Feel Good – Try This

man holding heart

1. Get clear about how you want to feel.

Most of us are very clear about what we don’t want, yet when asked, “What do you want?” we get stuck. Follow your energy. What are you being drawn to do and how does that make you feel? Focus on what you want.

2. Have a dream or a goal that excites you.

3. Learn you can’t control everything. Your job is to step forward in the general direction of your dreams and goals. Do what you can with what you have, in the moment.

4. Surround yourself with inspiring people, books and resources – these are great sources of nourishment, inspiration and creativity.

5. Learn to be your biggest cheerleader and wisest coach. This takes practice. One of the best ways to practice this is to ask 2 questions in any situation.

How did I contribute to this? What can I learn from this?

If you are going through challenges, what constructive strategies do you use to feel good?