People never forget how you made them feel

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”

I would love to be able put my name to this insight, however, it was actually spoken by Maya Angelou an African American writer and activist. (Mentor of Oprah’s).

Feelings create such a deep response. That’s why we can remember our first love, the first kiss, our first mentor or boss.

Can you remember the first time you were actually given constructive, truthful feedback? What have been the times in your career that you were made to feel something, something at a deep level? The manager who can create this response is going to have people in their team who are connected and engaged.

As a manager, do you inspire your team to standards that they don’t even think is possible? Do you spend time strategizing on how you can inspire your team? Do you have a habit of creating an environment that allows people to make decisions, take leadership, get involved? Do you ask them their opinion and wait for their response?

I have always been fascinated how particular feelings can illicit certain responses, and what it takes to influence people to feel a certain way. I have put together a list of emotional motivators that I think most people need at work and at home on a regular basis…….I call it food for the soul.

Appreciation, Certainty, Variety, Status, Connection, Creativity, Understanding, Freedom.

As a manager do you recognise where you can contribute to creating more of these in the work place? Are you consistent in the way you manage people? Does your team have a variety of tasks to pursue? Do they have a level of freedom to complete these tasks? How does your team stay connected with each other and other parts of the organisation? Does every member of your team understand how they add to the organisation’s goals? Get the drift?

Perhaps you want to contribute to making someone on your team feel deeply in one of these areas. This is the true legacy of a leader.

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