People don’t want to spend time working you out

Having a conversation with a fellow consultant last week, our discussion centered around understanding one’s self and how important a skill it is in business and managing others. My colleague and I use the LSI (Life Style Inventory– Human Synergistics) as a 360 degree feedback tool in our practices.

We both agreed that people who tend to have a more congruent match between what they think of themselves and what other people think about them are somewhat more at ease with themselves and their place in the world. As such, they are able to influence outcomes more effectively.

Human Synergistics’ research suggests there is a 3 way split in how people see themselves. A third of the respondents who have taken the LSI see themselves as somewhat more constructive than what others see them, a third see themselves as less constructive and the other third are the ones who seem to have a balanced perspective.

There has been a lot written about emotional intelligence and the impact it has on leadership, success, influencing others and overall peace of mind. The ability to make an accurate appraisal of yourself that is also congruent with what others perceive, actually gives you the ability to motivate, plan and achieve results more effectively.

Self-awareness is not just a touchy feely concept; it is a well regarded business skill to develop. Knowing where the edges of your capability and vulnerabilities are is a valuable quality.  If you need to practice this skill ask yourself these questions, especially in times when you are highly emotive as it will be easier to describe and feel viscerally.

What do you feel?

Where do you feel it?

Why do you feel it?

When you have spent the time working yourself out and habitually align your thoughts, words and actions, you become truly authentic. This is where real connections and understanding make for a highly effective, achievement focused individual.

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