Feelings don’t change anything. It’s what we do with them that counts.

There are many of us wanting to change things – about ourselves, our living circumstances, our finances, our bodies, our relationships. Every new year we reflect on how things have changed and yet stayed the same. We like to think that we are different, better, more aware, mature, even transformed, but how do we really know? What is the litmus test?

The ability to think about how we feel is a unique characteristic of the human species. Most of us still think in order to change, we have to change the way we feel. It’s not about changing the way we feel its about getting better at feeling.

If we can truly master the realm of our feelings, that is, observing them, accepting them, truly experiencing the depth of them, bringing consciousness to them, this is the litmus test for true change. Why? Because it creates the space that allows transformation and allows you to change with integrity.

So next time you feel in a rut, frustrated, upset, or a little anxious, get intimate with that feeling. Describe it. Question it. Has it got a colour? A texture? Ask what you are learning from this, then wait and see if there is a shift. Learn to question, bring awareness, accept your feelings.

Feelings are your calling card, make them work for you.

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