Feedback Tools

Feedback is the only way we can tell if we are on the right path, doing the right thing, influencing outcomes for the right reasons. Feedback is a powerful, highly evolved characteristic of life – it is the cause and effect principle at work.

Feedback really is the breakfast of champions and we get feedback all the time. It’s how we respond that will determine our success. Quality feedback is an important learning tool for those of us who want to set goals and bring our vision into reality. When we are looking at ways to enhance performance, maximize our abilities and strengths and to influence outcomes, quality and timely feedback is essential.

The tools I use for this process are varied and well tested – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), OCI, LSI and GSI, and the Enneagram. The choice of feedback tool will depend on the clients needs and intention. My job is to recommend the best fit for the client and circumstances. The use of each tool involves a debrief session, where the richness and benefit of insight comes and together we create an inspired shift.