Clarity is not about getting more information, it is about…

Clearness. Letting go. An opportunity to clear the space.Clarity

Listening to an interview with Story Waters (yes that’s his name) the other day, reminded me that every client, when they are faced with a decision, big agenda, multiple choices and limited resources, searches for clarity.

Hearing this idea of clearing the space, stopped me in my tracks because I was fretting about not being able to finish a bucket load of items off my list. So, when I heard the voice of reason, it allowed me to give myself permission, to just be still and listen to what I already knew and go from there.

I caught myself in the cycle of “Not knowing enough” and “If I just get this right, then all will be ok”. “ I can’t let him/her down”.Working in any demanding work environment will require us to have a certain level of knowledge in a variety of areas.For some of us this can be our undoing, because we are always looking to know more, prove ourselves, wanting others to like us and see us in a good light.There is always going to be more to do, more to know and more to create. I have found there is a real distinction between being curious and engaged as opposed to being problem focused and driven.

The latter is just not fun and feels hard, heavy, pushy. Most of us do know enough already but I think we get impatient and unaccepting at what is turning up. If we are moving in the general direction of where we want to go and release expectation of what it needs to look like, then we are in a good space for doing business, being creative and positive. This is a state of clarity.

In the same interview I was reminded the importance of doing things our own way (as much as we can) and that we are here to be ourselves, not the vanilla cookie cutter image of another. It makes sense right?

As long as we can focus on what we want to create, bring our own gifts, talents and character to the plate, then we will attract what we need, when we need it. Our work life is a long running self development class with extra electives, especially if we are managing others.

Let’s lighten up on ourselves and clear some space. That is the fastest way to clarity.


How do you get clarity in your life?


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