Feelings don’t change anything. It’s what we do with them that counts.

There are many of us wanting to change things – about ourselves, our living circumstances, our finances, our bodies, our relationships. Every new year we reflect on how things have changed and yet stayed the same. We like to think that we are different, better, more aware, mature, even transformed, but how do we really know? What is the litmus test?

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Where do you do your happy dance?

People dancing in business suitIn the world of typology there is a distinction between someone who has a preference for extraversion and someone who’s preference is for introversion, it is a little different from the everyday understanding. This particular preference points to where people prefer to focus their energy and attention. How they gain their energy and where they do most of their processing of information in order to make decisions.

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The absolute law

Last week I went and saw the movie “Twilight” with my teenage children. There was one scene near the end of the movie that stuck with me. It was the scene where Jacob ( who can transform into a werewolf) intends to kill the “female demon baby”, the off spring of the woman he loves, who, in his mind, has died while giving birth. Yes, it is a melodrama.

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Best advice given and received

This time of year people start to secretly reflect on the year that was. Sometimes this can be an uplifting experience, depending on the meaning you have made about what has happened. This will depend on your beliefs, values, personality and, sometimes, the medication you are or are not taking.

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2 questions that can get you out of a rut

What is my best practice? How does it serve others?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the best thing you do? Not the best thing you can do but the thing you do without even trying. You do it because you love doing it.

It could be cooking or organising nutritious meals for the family; acknowledging co-workers for a job well done; being able to see big picture impacts; digging into detail to understand where the glitches are; maintaining a healthy body; smiling; giving thanks; staying positive when those around you see doom and gloom; using your intuition to make sense of a conundrum; speaking up when others can’t or wont; observing and giving feedback; listening to others so they feel really heard; being fully present with someone who is in pain; coaching others; giving advice when asked for; mentoring new talent.

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