I forget, oh yes I remember, I forget.

That is a typical emotional cycle for many of us,Remembering, connecting, mental awareness, personal habits

especially when we are working on several projects with different priorities and people.

We forget to stay present and not worry about the future. We forget to give ourselves time to just reflect. We forget to tell our children the qualities in them we admire. We forget how awesome feeling fit, strong and healthy is.

Human beings have a default pattern of forgetfulness. That is why remembering is so enticing to us. We forget that we are creators of our own reality.

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The hardest thing for a manager to do is…

… tell the truth.Hardest thing to do, tell the truth

It’s one of the hardest things to share and the one of the hardest things to hear, but the one thing everyone, no matter what, really wants to know.

Depending on our level of emotional and social awareness we will create the appropriate time, space and words to communicate our intention and expectations. Note that I didn’t say find the time. As a manager you have to take charge in this space. It takes courage to tell the truth and act on it.

If you could tell one person the truth that would make the biggest impact, who would it be and what would you say?


What are you trying to control?

_tug_of_warWhat ever it is, it is a sign post for you. It is telling you something. It is reminding you that you are still holding some fear around it. Makes sense? Otherwise, why would you need to control it? You would just allow it to unfold,. There would be ease about it.

When we are resistant to what our reality is showing us we are resisting the message it has for us. The need to control and manipulate something is sure tell sign that it wants our attention.

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What I have learnt about having a shitty day.

We all have them. (Not sure if the Dalai Lama does?)Having a shitty day, stressed out, stress management techniques,

Sometimes we just wake up and feel that way, or sometimes it may start out alright and then go downhill, and, on those days, we can be particularly good at finding things that back up our reason for shittiness. Like the dog rolls in crap, the kids don’t clean up their mess, a client cancels, we get a tax bill, we get booked in for an unscheduled meeting.

So, what I have learnt is:

• Having a shitty day is normal, it is to be expected and it doesn’t last.

• We can use it for a good purpose. An opportunity to look at our beliefs about certain things in our lives and what we make events and situations mean.

• Having a daily spiritual practice really helps in soothing agitation and transforming it. My daily practice is meditation, but yours could be, A morning walk in silence, a period of reflection every day.

• Having a physical practice also smooth’s the bumps. It creates a state in the body that changes the chemical balance in the brain and the body. Exercise decreases the stress hormones such as cortisol and increases endorphins. It is magic.

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Do you know the difference between effort and action?

Do you know the difference between effort and action?superhero

We have been lead to believe that to get things done we need to push, strive, hurt a little. In actual fact the best way to accomplish things is to take purposeful action and drop the drama, and the angst. This takes full consciousness, the more you do it the more you will be able to know when you are efforting or actioning. That is why being in a state of flow is such an amazing state, full out action without the resistance, angst and drama.

Tip: Change your physiology, breath deeper and stay in the moment.

Clarity is not about getting more information, it is about…

Clearness. Letting go. An opportunity to clear the space.Clarity

Listening to an interview with Story Waters (yes that’s his name) the other day, reminded me that every client, when they are faced with a decision, big agenda, multiple choices and limited resources, searches for clarity.

Hearing this idea of clearing the space, stopped me in my tracks because I was fretting about not being able to finish a bucket load of items off my list. So, when I heard the voice of reason, it allowed me to give myself permission, to just be still and listen to what I already knew and go from there.

I caught myself in the cycle of “Not knowing enough” and “If I just get this right, then all will be ok”. “ I can’t let him/her down”.Working in any demanding work environment will require us to have a certain level of knowledge in a variety of areas.For some of us this can be our undoing, because we are always looking to know more, prove ourselves, wanting others to like us and see us in a good light.There is always going to be more to do, more to know and more to create. I have found there is a real distinction between being curious and engaged as opposed to being problem focused and driven.

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