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This time of year people start to secretly reflect on the year that was. Sometimes this can be an uplifting experience, depending on the meaning you have made about what has happened. This will depend on your beliefs, values, personality and, sometimes, the medication you are or are not taking.

Over the years I have given and received some gold nugget advice and tips and wanted to share some with you. This idea of sharing tips came from Seth Godin’s blog Assorted tips, hope they help. So, here are some of mine (one for each day of Christmas).

1. Ask for what you want, too many people assume.
2. Master your self talk – develop the strength and tenacity to stand on guard and choose the thoughts that will enter your mind.
3. Create a habit of moving the body everyday, be it walking, yoga, running, pilates, swimming, dancing.
4. To release weight, know that it is going to be 80% because of what you eat (or don’t eat!) and 20% because of what you do. This is where mind and body training meet.
5. When you are feeling uneasy, angry or frustrated, sit with the feeling and bring awareness to it. Feel it in the body and start to describe it, then ask it questions. Does this belong to me? What is the gift I’m not seeing yet? What do I need to do right now?
6. Learn to meditate – the best mind training system there is.
7. Breath deeply and practice breathing through the nose. This purifies and prepares the system to intake all the nutrients
8. Set targets not goals. There is no baggage attached to targets. You keep going till you get a bulls eye.
9. Sit down at least three times a week with your family and loved ones and break bread together. Turn off the TV.
10. Say thank you and explain why.
11. Smile more, especially at yourself
12. Learn to tell at least one good joke

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