2 questions that can get you out of a rut

What is my best practice? How does it serve others?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the best thing you do? Not the best thing you can do but the thing you do without even trying. You do it because you love doing it.

It could be cooking or organising nutritious meals for the family; acknowledging co-workers for a job well done; being able to see big picture impacts; digging into detail to understand where the glitches are; maintaining a healthy body; smiling; giving thanks; staying positive when those around you see doom and gloom; using your intuition to make sense of a conundrum; speaking up when others can’t or wont; observing and giving feedback; listening to others so they feel really heard; being fully present with someone who is in pain; coaching others; giving advice when asked for; mentoring new talent.

What is your best practice? How does it serve others?

We do not live in isolation. We assist in creating the world we are in by who we are being in this world and sharing our ‘best practice”. It brings us into the present moment – not futurising on what could be, not regretting what has or hasn’t happened. We cannot not move forward from there.

We all have a deep desire for growth and it is through our “best practice” that we get the fuel to move out of our rut. When we understand how that impacts others, this propels us forward to be even better.

A very elegant process isn’t it?

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