Your daily practice

Daily PracticeHave you got a daily practice that continues to build a firm foundation for yourself, your career or your team?

A daily practice is like having your own mentor and coach, that keeps you on track and supports you moving forward in the general direction of your life.

Let’s be realistic, there is not that much in the outside world that we can control, bus timetables, the mood of our manager, the organisation’s new change initiative, our children’s interests, our cravings at 3pm.

What we can do is put in place a daily practice that supports us, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and, in our work life.I have found from experience that the most happy and purposeful clients I have coached have a regular daily practice, here are some examples

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The best system is…

People management system

People management system

“The best system is the one that you use.” – Matthew Kimberley

Most of us who are fairly accomplished have a number of systems that support our personal and professional development.

We have set up systems that support us being productive, on time, healthy, useful, whatever our criteria of success is. Read more »

Who’d be on your team?

Who'd be on your team?Most of the time we actually don’t pick our own teams, they are picked for us. We get promoted into them, we get seconded,

transferred, even referred into them. Some teams we are even born into. I’m going to save that topic for another post though.

If you work for a large organisation you are part of multiple teams. If you work solo or are a contractor, you still need to work in teams,

from one project to the other.

So my question is, who would you have on your team and why? As a manager you need to be asking these questions and be able to

clearly articulate the answer, so every team member knows what you see as their unique contribution.

Then you could ask yourself. “Would I pick myself?”

What do you bring to the table? Are you motivated, action oriented and constructive? Do you share knowledge easily and regularly?

Are you positive and affirming? What criteria do you set for your team and yourself?

As a manager or member of a team we all add to the end result. That’s why it is so damn satisfying when you know you have done

great work. You have added something that no one else could or did. Being special is overrated. Being unique and using your talents

in a way that contributes is what will make an awesome team.

Ultimately we want everyone on our team, so start by acknowledging the contributions and unique qualities that everyone you

encounter holds.

What characteristic do you think is important to have on a team?

If You Don’t Feel Good – Try This

man holding heart

1. Get clear about how you want to feel.

Most of us are very clear about what we don’t want, yet when asked, “What do you want?” we get stuck. Follow your energy. What are you being drawn to do and how does that make you feel? Focus on what you want.

2. Have a dream or a goal that excites you.

3. Learn you can’t control everything. Your job is to step forward in the general direction of your dreams and goals. Do what you can with what you have, in the moment.

4. Surround yourself with inspiring people, books and resources – these are great sources of nourishment, inspiration and creativity.

5. Learn to be your biggest cheerleader and wisest coach. This takes practice. One of the best ways to practice this is to ask 2 questions in any situation.

How did I contribute to this? What can I learn from this?

If you are going through challenges, what constructive strategies do you use to feel good? 

What is your creative blueprint?

How would you describe yourself? If you had to truly articulate how you see yourself,how you feel about yourself and how you identify yourself, what would be some of the words and descriptions you would use?

If you actually took the time to write down how you see yourself, you would be describing your creative blueprint.

Your creative blueprint is the foundation upon which you build your life, how you manage your career, how you manage your team, your relationships and every other undertaking in your life. Read more »